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“ISG have managed our vehicle accident claims for 5 years – the team have a great attitude to customer service and have helped us to significantly reduce our vehicle down time. On the back of this great service we have now passed the management of service, maintenance and repair to ISG. The early signs are very positive and I am confident based on this experience we will realise material savings over the year. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Veronica and her business to anyone involved in operating vehicle fleets.” Stuart Wiseman, Fleet & Transport Manager at Yorkshire Housing
“Incident Support Group provides accident management support to MNH~Platinum and our 5,000-customer fleet. The team have a great attitude to customer service and always deliver the service bespoke to our clients’ requirements. They're always very helpful, and have a genuine interest in keeping our fleet on the road. I wouldn't risk my personal integrity by recommending a supplier who didn't meet our expectations. Incident Support Group have exceeded our expectations on several occasions, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.” Mark Hindle, CEO, MNH~Platinum