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ISG Vehicle Funding

ISG work closely with selected partners to provide a comprehensive suite of fleet funding solutions.

If you would like any advice on reducing your fleet funding costs please feel free to contact us on 01977 325161 or by email at

Working closely with our partner, Employee Car Ownership Solutions Ltd we are committed to delivering the very best solutions for ISG clients.

The average saving per car, per annum, for clients who already have an Employee Car Ownership Scheme is £750 per car per annum.

For clients that do not or for whom Company Cars or some Company Cars are most appropriate we save an average of £350 per year per car compared to Contract Hire and slightly more compared to outright purchase.

Clients include some of the world’s largest companies.

Subject to Non-Compete Agreements clients can often stay with their existing choice of funder meaning minimal change for maximum results.

Employee Car Ownership Limited are now recognised as leaders in the field of Employee Car Ownership (ECO). First Generation ECO schemes offered by several leasing companies and Cash Allowances are well established but Employee Car Ownership Limited are responsible for a number of innovations that have dramatically increased the benefit our clients receive from such schemes. 

Employee Car Ownership Limited have worked exclusively in this field since 1998 and as each employer is seeking to achieve a different solution have gained considerable knowledge that has enabled us to develop the very latest generation schemes. 

ISG and Employee Car Ownership Limited are totally independent and in the last twelve months have saved our clients many millions of pounds whilst often retaining the current supplier.

We are happy to work with any funder subject to non-compete agreements or with clients own funds.

We are also completely independent of and are happy to work with any motor manufacturer.